Virtual Events

If you are in the event organization sector or organize your own events as a company, you will probably be looking for solutions that replace or help you to move forward with them and more than anything now that we are taking care of the crowds and maintaining the social distancing product of the pandemic that is affecting the whole world. Most of the massive events have been canceled this year. But what if we tell you that STREAMING has an ideal solution for you. Its applications are endless: webcast, videoconferences, virtual training activities, webinar, online conferences, congresses. It is about adapting all traditional formats to a virtual world. This has an extraordinary impact on the growth and visibility of companies, and also allows to minimize costs and time when compared to a face-to-face event. As they are online events, the obstacles of physical distances are eliminated, investment in travel and travel is reduced and communication is promoted.


  • Leaving aside the cost reduction of your organization and the zero investment that must be made in terms of travel and travel, the impact of this type of event on companies has great value for business development. Visibility is undoubtedly the first of them. When it comes to promoting the event, it is not necessary to carry out expensive advertising campaigns.

  • The digital environment allows us to reach a greater number of people with less investment, and the immediacy of online media will allow us to have access to a multitude of users who, in addition, may become our followers afterwards.

  • This brings us directly to the second of the advantages: the increase in the audience. A virtual event is the best formula to get more subscribers, something that for companies is invaluable within their strategies for generating new contacts. In fact, this type of meeting facilitates the creation of online communities, which will help us expand the business at a dizzying pace.

Virtual transformation is breaking through in many key sectors for business development. Among them, the organization of events. And it has come to stay, so it is time for companies to value their advantages and begin to consider virtual events as an essential element that should not be missing in their growth strategies.

  • The platform that best suits the needs of the event will be used, such as Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Zoom.

  • Creation of virtual sets and visual advice so that everything is unified with the corporate image of the company.

  • Creation of virtual television set broadcasting live and striking different cameras like a real program.

  • Reservation of web domain and hosting of the virtual event which will include a review of the event and the program with links to the day and time of the event.

  • Streaming.

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