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Institutional Videos

A corporate video is an attractive and entertaining audiovisual way to present the corporate philosophy of a company and the application of this in the market practice, highlighting the capacity and the most important positive values ​​that make the difference of the company with respect to the competition closer.

Directed by Francisco Fioravanti

It is the most impressive piece of social and business communication an institution or company can have, since it combines the power of music and the spoken word in synchrony with moving images, photographs and titles.

Institutional video categories

Image videos


They are videos that tell in a brief and simple way how is your company and what are its activities and its strengths.

Process videos


If your company offers very specific products or services, you may want to tell them what they are, step by step. These videos of processes allow you to summarize very well and clearly tell your customers or the people to whom the video is directed how is the product or service they present.

Testimonial videos


These are the videos in which the company's staff or its customers talk about all the virtues that the product or service has in their opinion. These videos make a very interesting information work. If we give the word to the clients and they are the ones who speak well of the company, they will appear as impartial and disinterested opinion-makers, and the corporate video will gain much greater prestige.


Training videos


They are those in which it shows how a product or service is, what they are and how the processes are done. These videos teach how to use certain instruments necessary in any type of productive process and are very useful to train the company's personnel.


Advertising videos


They are the videos in which the product or service is sold in a short and very attractive way, in the style of an advertisement like the ones we see on television.

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