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Training / Tutorials

Directed by Francisco Fioravanti

The tutorials are self-learning instructional systems that show the user the development of a procedure or the steps to perform a certain activity. The videotutoriales serve to give a support, a kind of resource of aid or guide, since thanks to them, improve and speed up the process of learning of visual form.

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La Infografía es el mejor medio para explicar de manera clara, visual y sintética una serie de conceptos, hechos o datos complejos.

Why use infographics?

  • To transmit messages.

  • To present a lot of information in a compact and easy to understand way.

  • To narrate causes and effects and know why certain things happen.

  • To dictate the periodic evolution of certain parameters.

  • Show a lot of information using graphical resources so as not to saturate an image.

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