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Virtual Reality is the creation of an environment to give the feeling of being immersed in it. This environment can be a 360º (spherical) photo or video or it can be an environment created entirely on the computer. We can interact with this environment through the use of virtual reality headsets (full immersion) or through the computer monitor and mouse (semi-immersive virtual reality).

What is a Virtual Tour?

An Interactive Virtual Tour is a series of 360º Interactive photographs, which, connected to each other, allow you to travel through a spatial area both outside and inside in a fast and intuitive way thanks to the use of icons that interconnect panoramic images. Virtual tours are currently the most attractive Internet service for users. These virtual tours open up great possibilities for strategic communication. Any company can attractively display its facilities and products, with a visual impact that is difficult to achieve by other means. It is very complete since it can have photos, 360 photos, videos, 360 videos. And it is scalable, in other words it can continue to grow once it has been published. Check out the following tours made by us:

Live Virtual Tour 

In this new normal, a tool is necessary that allows people to meet to show projects without disrespecting distance. Status Quo Media offers a virtual meeting room on a 360 tour.

Who can use a Virtual Tour?

Practically to any space. We will cite a few:


  • Real estate

  • Hotels

  • Universities

  • Places of interest in a city

  • Tourism

  • Exhibition Halls

  • Showrooms

  • Event rooms

  • Clinics

  • Gyms

  • Spas

  • Museums

  • Interactive classes

  • Construction sector

  • 3D renders


Our prices are adapted to the size of your business and depending on what you need you can add voiceovers, music, animations, previously made videos or we can do it ourselves. All our Virtual Tours include 360 ​​aerial photos with drone. *


We are Google Trusted Photographers and have made contributions to the Google Maps and Street View platform with 360 photos.


A 360 video is the same as a normal video with the ability to view the entire recorded environment interactively. The video can be inserted in any platform that supports 360 video such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, unlike the Virtual Tour that has to be hosted on a special platform. A Virtual Tour can contain 360 video while a 360 video cannot. The duration in the video is given by the time that the images last and if I want to see something that has already happened I have to go back in the player while in the Virtual Tour I can go anywhere and stay there as long as I want.

OUR WORK - Guayaquil Airport

If you still have questions about what is a 360 video or a 360 photo. In the following video we will explain it to you.

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