Why Shoot in Ecuador?

Ecuador offers a variety of locations thanks to its unique geography, located in the northwestern South America, the Pacific Ocean bathes the western coast and separates it from the Galapagos Islands located a thousand kilometers to the west. The continental territory is furrowed from north to south by a volcanic section of the Cordillera de los Andes, to whose western and eastern flanks respectively appear the Gulf of Guayaquil and a wooded plain, and the Amazon. It is the country with the highest concentration of rivers per square kilometer in the world, the one with the highest diversity per square kilometer on the planet and one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity, having a number of animal and plant species.

Ecuador dresses in landscapes as diverse as deserts, beaches, lakes, rivers, forests, mountains, snow and insular.


The capital of the country is Quito and the largest city in the country is Guayaquil, its official language is Spanish, and thirteen other recognized indigenous languages ​​including Kichwa and Shuar.


Ecuador has a tropical and humid climate, the air quality is very good due to the presence of large natural forests, national parks and the Amazon rainforest. We present two defined seasons, wet and dry (winter - summer), both on the coast and in the east of the country, the temperature ranges between 20 º C and 33 º C, while in the mountains, the temperature ranges between 3 º C and 26ºC due to the height of the Andes mountain range, the Galapagos Islands have a rather temperate climate and its temperature ranges between 22 and 32 ° C, approximately.


Ecuador has a great hotel infrastructure of great level, which guarantees a very pleasant and comfortable stay. The modern road network, the air transport system and extensive cellular and internet connectivity make Ecuador a very efficient country for audiovisual production.





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